Speed Fever I, 90x120cm
Speed Fever II, 90x120cm
Speed Fever III, 90x120cm
Do you really, 80x125cm
I am taking the cure, 90x125cm
I am the blue Screen of Death, 90x125cm
I need Lunch, 80x125cm
ich hab endlich keine Träume mehr, 90x125cm
komm wir trinken auf das schöne Leben, dass wir niemals haben werden, 80x125cm
Saved, 90x125cm
Ausstellungsansicht Unikat 1
Ausstellungsansicht Unikat 2
Ausstellungsansicht Unikat 3
Gunter Damisch, Requiescat in pace
Last Days of Magic
Please Kill Me
Podium, Ausstellungsansicht
Podium, Love Cats, 100x140cm
Podium, The Forrest, 100x140cm
Podium, The Walk, 100x140cm
Tastes like Teen Spirit
Tastes like Teen Spirit I
Tastes like Teen Spirit II
Pissed about not being a Mermaid, 400x120cm
Ausschnitt, Mermaid
Ausschnitt 2, Mermaid
Ausstellungsansicht Mermaid
Coffee and Cigarettes, 90x120cm
Josef und Maria, 90x120cm
Kippenberger und Palmen, 90x120cm
Lara und Wodka, 90x120cm
Lucy und Sky, 120x90cm
50 Weintrauben in 15 Minuten
See you in Disneyland, 70x50cm
a look you got, 140x100cm
at your feet, 140x100cm
dead man dying, 140x100cm
Einem Mann zuliebe, 70x50cm
I am drunk but you are still ugly
In Liebe fallen, 40x60cm
Kiss my ass, 50x40cm
Love, Rosie, 50x40 cm
Naturgeil, 70x50cm
triptychon Look you got a dead man lying at your feet, 3x140x100cm
Trust no bitch, 50x40cm
und ich atme weiter
Valley of the dolls
wer so schlecht im bett ist hat es nicht anders verdient, 70x90cm
You forgot to kiss my soul
Young, fresh and sexy, 50x40cm
i'm not an artist 1, 90x60cm
i'm not an artist 2, 90x60cm
i get along, 120x80cm
i'm sticking with you
and you have killed me, 140x100cm
i need a slave, 70x90cm
toxic (a tribute to britney), 90x60cm
national front disco, 70x90cm
50 jägermeister in 15 minuten, 30x24cm
r.i.p. lux, 24x30cm
i've lost my glow, 30x24cm
wir sind keine pussies, 30x24cm
my love was a sharp needle, 30x24cm
we are all paying the fucking price, 30x24cm
i need lunch, Installation, Galerie Michaela Stock
i need lunch 1, 30x40cm
i need lunch 2, 30x40cm
i need lunch 3, 30x40cm
i need lunch 4, 30x40cm
animals and humans, 120x80cm
everyday is a holiday, 90x60cm
fairytale, 80x60cm
gott behüt dich, 50x70cm
heisses eisen, 120x80cm
jenna, 40x30cm
journey into fear, 40x30cm
kelsey, 80x60cm
nachmittag auf malta, 90x70cm
peggy & irving, 90x60cm
so proudly we hail, 40x30cm
spieglein, spieglein an der wand, 30x40cm
tea for two, 120x80cm
the bad and the beautiful, 30x40cm
mvelvet 2, 14x14cm
iggy & debbie, 14x14cm
madam, 14x14cm
maktex, 14x14cm
haven't met a band that drink harder, 14x14cm
sorry mrs. stupid, 60x40cm
russel's discovering japan, 60x40cm
hanging round, 60x40cm
queens of noize, 60x40cm
I was gonna have your name, 60x40cm
jesus do you hate me, 60x40cm
nico, 30x40cm
boys in the band 1, 30x40cm
boys in the band 2, 30x40cm
husband hunters, 40x30cm
husband hunters 2, 40x30cm
brian, 30x40cm
pig, 80x60cm
no fun, 60x40cm
helter skelter, 80x60cm
femme fighters, 60x40cm
no more rock'n'roll, 60x40cm
belle de jour, 40x60cm
combat love x, 60x40cm
she-wolf of the SS (stone cold bitch), 60x40cm
war, 80x60cm
punk playmate, 0x80cm
recruting station, 80x60cm
I get violent when I'm fucked up, 60x80cm
enemy, 80x60cm
I'm always touched by your presence, 60x80cm
to be all light, 60x40cm
KDF, 80x60cm